Hello everyone, trust your October was just as awesome as ours!

We promised, and we delivered!

On the 26th of October, we had our first school tour to officially launch our campaign on the root cause of Gender based violence. Our first delivery location was Mighty Oaks School Ipaja,Lagos and we had 70 students in attendance.We exposed the students to various forms of gender based violence and how to identify them.

We started the first round of training with the students by giving them our worksheet to enable us know their preformed knowledge on gender based violence and how the students viewed the subject matter. The collated responses from this initial interaction showed that only 20% of the students knew something about gender based violence.

After this, we prepared the minds of the students through our experiential learning kit on the subject matter.

As an organization, we have a team of vibrant, vast and intelligent facilitators who took each class through our course work giving each child proper attention to enable them understand better. We made use of experiential learning kits because we know and believe that by using these methods the things we teach the children stick faster and better.


For the second session, we divided the students into groups and gave them activities to identify forms and root causes of gender based violence, to ensure a gender balanced atmosphere we asked the boys to read the forms of violence that affects girls and the girls did the same. This was to ensure that both parties understood what it means to be involved in the issues that concern both genders.

    During the third session, we gave the students a feedback form and we found out based on our analysis and evaluation, that 80% of the students compared to 20% at the beginning now fully understood what the subject matter was all about and how to identify it and what to do when faced with such situation. Here are some of the feed backs we got from the students ;

When I encounter Gender based violence, I will call for help.

I will report to an elderly person.

Thank you very much IOHI, I can now identify the various forms of violence


 IOHI did not come to play as we presented the school with a chart and books that summarized all that we taught the students on gender based violence.

Thanks to all our sponsors! 2019 will be bigger and better! We are proud to see the next generation of young people taking a decision to make the world a better place.





Melanie Idehen is a fifth year Medical Student at University of Benin and her greatest passion is bridging the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ with emphasis on access to quality health care . She is the founder of Eureeka; a medical research community poised to tackle Africa’s unique problems through research, scientific reasoning and innovation.
 It is not only about the hospital for Melanie; she is a 2018 ONE Champion campaigning for Improved Health Care, Girls education and Gender Equality.
She is also the Program coordinator of the BIIG Girl Foundation, a faith based NGO centered on guiding secondary girls and female undergraduates in Benin on the path of self discovery and empowerment. Since inception, the BIIG Girl has impacted over 1000 girls through the BIIG Girl Conference, Secondary School Outreaches and The Naked Meeting ; which serves as a judgement free, safe space for young girls.
 She also volunteers and coordinates health outreaches organized by Creation Care Initiative for the Less Privileged.
Melanie is an alumni of the Young African Leaders Initiative Regional Leadership Center (YALI RLC), West Africa and currently serves as the South-South Regional Representative of the Nigerian Alumni Body.
 She is an intellectual powerhouse with several academic honors to her name. Melanie is a firm believer in girl power, breaking stereotypes and showcasing female excellence.
Keep up the good work Melanie!
We celebrate you now and always.

Adebukola Olowoyeye


Adebukola  Olowoyeye  is a certified leadership coach, with a major focus on leadership, strategy and influence. He holds a Bsc in Business Management from the University of Ado Ekiti.

For him, starting Gold Minds Leadership Initiative which was founded in July 2014 was born out of curiosity and hunger for a better nation,To stand out with positive energy and to also change the mind set of those around from the regular negative comments and reactions from citizens as regards their country, to becoming part of the Africa’s solution. He has identified the biggest challenge in Africa which is LEADERSHIP and has decided to help the younger generation from high school level using different tools and topic ranging from teenage pregnancy awareness, drug abuse education and  health related issues  through his mental Re-engineering school projects across Nigeria.

Because of his passion, He has been able to team up with other professionals from lawyers to doctors to bankers and people from different ethnicity and religious background to help build a better nation and also be a solution to Africa’s problem.

In the first year, he started with a vision and he kept acting on those projects and sharing the vision with anyone who cared to listen without giving up. By the second year, he got it registered and his first support came from family and friends and since then they have been able to reach out to over 20 public schools in Nigeria.As well as start up branches in different parts of the world.

They  also help students  with financial issues by giving them materials such as  mathematical sets, school uniforms, books, writing materials to help them through school. They give out leadership certificate to academically deserving students in all public schools that they visit, just to remind them that the society still rewards the values of hard work and perseverance.

We celebrate your great work and this is just the starting point!



Chidinma is a young lady currently working on a masters degree in Epidemiology and Medical Bio statistics from the University of Nigeria. She is a Youth Champion for ONE in Nigeria, which is a global organization with a focus on campaigning and advocacy .

She is the convener of Chidinma Ibemere Outreach Program popularly known as CHOP which started in 2016. CHOP has a mission to guide girls and children on the path of self development and by extension national development.

Since its conception, CHOP has had 19 outreaches in different communities with the aim of having a society where young girls move from being spectators to being relevant participants in the society .

Because of these outreaches, many girls have become more aware of the power and creativity that they are blessed with and they have been able to learn to speak up because they matter.

Chidinma is also a writer. For her it comes naturally as she most times uses her writing power to translate relevant to reality through images and words.

We celebrate you for your continuous work and impact in the development space. Keep soaring!

We are a youth-led non-governmental organisation set out to advancing human rights, advocating for gender equality, enhancing quality education through policy and developmental strategies.

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