Chidinma is a young lady currently working on a masters degree in Epidemiology and Medical Bio statistics from the University of Nigeria. She is a Youth Champion for ONE in Nigeria, which is a global organization with a focus on campaigning and advocacy .

She is the convener of Chidinma Ibemere Outreach Program popularly known as CHOP which started in 2016. CHOP has a mission to guide girls and children on the path of self development and by extension national development.

Since its conception, CHOP has had 19 outreaches in different communities with the aim of having a society where young girls move from being spectators to being relevant participants in the society .

Because of these outreaches, many girls have become more aware of the power and creativity that they are blessed with and they have been able to learn to speak up because they matter.

Chidinma is also a writer. For her it comes naturally as she most times uses her writing power to translate relevant to reality through images and words.

We celebrate you for your continuous work and impact in the development space. Keep soaring!

  1. I am deeply honoured. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to occupy your space. This means more work. God bless Inourhandsinitiative.

    1. You deserve to b more honoured dear.. U hv rily impacted lifes which am one of it.. Kip it up dearie

  2. Chidinma, your drive, determination and selflessness challenge me. Continue the good work. You will go places.

  3. Ride on dear with your selfless service to humanity. The lives you’re inspiring are wishing you well.
    The best is yet to come.

  4. Wow.. this is superb, really happy to see you this altitude.. so fast, I knew it… May the good Lord continue to guide and inspire you the more for greater heights IJN Amen…. yagazie

  5. It is really lovely when excellence and diligence is rewarded. The mighty fingers of Lady Chidimma Ibemere, in her thought provoking type of writing, have been quite busy exposing the innovative potentials deposited in many young ladies within the Black Race.

    Still not enough, her strong passion, vigour and commitment to redefine and re-orientate the understanding of the younger generation to the abounding realities and possibilities of life, making them realize, “YES I CAN DO IT, ” makes her all the more adorable.

    congratulations to you Passionate Chidimma.

  6. I am not surprised at all , you are a gifted child. As your name implies God is good.
    Bravo my daughter

  7. I’ve always been inspired by her passion and energy with which she carry out her numerous outreach. May God continue to bless her with more wisdom and resources to continue her good work.

  8. Chy, I’m so happy for you. Congratulations sis, God is really taking you places.This is just the beginning of your greatness.
    Remain blessed.

  9. 19 Outreaches?? At what age, please?? I’m simply curious. Mahnn…… the boldness and courage!! Please where did u get them from? This girl must be something! I’ve got lots of ideas to expand and/or share but I lack the courage & boldness; and to think that I don’t need a suitsayer to tell me I’m even older than u? Boy does that come to me as a big blow!!

    People tell me I don’t know the capacity of what I can do cos I have a lot in me but I don’t believe in me. Mahnn.. wherever this girl is, I need to get with her to get some tidbits on how to, at least, get started.

    More powers to your elbows girlfriend (yes I said girlfriend; you’re the kind of motivation other girls need to have by their side in order to go places). Ride on sis! The Lord is your strength!

  10. My one and only propeller…Jisike. Time shall come when international recognition will be showered on you like you never envisaged.

    Ka Chukwu nọnyekwuoro gị! Omume gị na agbaa anyị ume. Ka anya ndị ọjọọ hapụ ihụ gi! Jisike!


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