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Adebukola  Olowoyeye  is a certified leadership coach, with a major focus on leadership, strategy and influence. He holds a Bsc in Business Management from the University of Ado Ekiti.

For him, starting Gold Minds Leadership Initiative which was founded in July 2014 was born out of curiosity and hunger for a better nation,To stand out with positive energy and to also change the mind set of those around from the regular negative comments and reactions from citizens as regards their country, to becoming part of the Africa’s solution. He has identified the biggest challenge in Africa which is LEADERSHIP and has decided to help the younger generation from high school level using different tools and topic ranging from teenage pregnancy awareness, drug abuse education and  health related issues  through his mental Re-engineering school projects across Nigeria.

Because of his passion, He has been able to team up with other professionals from lawyers to doctors to bankers and people from different ethnicity and religious background to help build a better nation and also be a solution to Africa’s problem.

In the first year, he started with a vision and he kept acting on those projects and sharing the vision with anyone who cared to listen without giving up. By the second year, he got it registered and his first support came from family and friends and since then they have been able to reach out to over 20 public schools in Nigeria.As well as start up branches in different parts of the world.

They  also help students  with financial issues by giving them materials such as  mathematical sets, school uniforms, books, writing materials to help them through school. They give out leadership certificate to academically deserving students in all public schools that they visit, just to remind them that the society still rewards the values of hard work and perseverance.

We celebrate your great work and this is just the starting point!

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