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 As we move on in the 21st century, there are issues around Gender and Development that need more attention and deeper interrogation. It is obvious that there is inadequate involvement of youths and because of these there is sustainability risk in the struggle and emancipation of women and this makes the intergenerational linkage very weak.

It is interesting to note that all gender-related problems are not about women but there is a general misconception that it is about women. As a result of this, men are being left out consciously and unconsciously in programs, activities and activism relating to gender equality and how to deal with problems associated with it.

Given that, society privileges men and conversations around gender equality has been framed around increasing access to women rather than being about equal access. Furthermore, gender equality has had the tendency to be understood as activism rather being a gap in literature, development work and policy. Consequently, these conversations have seen men become defensive or would rather not want to be part of the conversation.

It is thus obvious that the gap gender analysts and activists need to bridge is the involvement or integration of both genders into program designs, policy designs and initiatives that are championed by international organizations and national governments.

It is these gaps that InOurHands Initiative intends to use as the focus of our interventions and activities with special emphasis on reconstruction of the mindset on issues relating to gender and development beginning with our immediate community and then to national and international level.

Written by:  Ms. Orejesu Ajayi (Founder, In our hands initiative)

  1. It has always been about equal access but the idea that gender talks are female related seem to have robbed this truth. Well done In Our Hands Initiative. You have my support all the way.

  2. Over time, the existing policies and programs were more favourable to the men than women, not entirely based on delebrate sidelining (though true to an extent) but because the consequences of being involved in societal activities are more wearisome towards the females(mostly physiological and gender role). Globalisation eliminated most consequences and more access were given and are being advocated for and we(male and female) should understand that we are all part of development hence I celebrate this initiative and it’s brilliance.
    *From a sociologist point *

  3. It’s always important to remember that the goal is inclusion and equal opportunities. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. No doubt, there’s a widespread misconception about the nittygritty of Gender Equality. In Our Hands Initiative has taken the bold step in eradicating this erroneous belief. I’m impressed with the ingenuity.


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